Notary Attestation

Personal Documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate etc. are important for people who are immigrating to abroad. These documents are required for various purposes like getting a residential visa, family visa, for getting admission in foreign universities and schools. Therefore, it is important to legalize personal documents required for your visa application from the state where it was issued.

Notary Attestation

What is Notary Attestation?

Notary attestation means the attestation of personal documents with an official stamp and signature by an authorized notary. It is the first level of attesting personal documents from the state where it was issued.

Why Notary Attestation is required?

Notary attestation is mandatory to attest personal documents from the respective state Home department. It is the first level of state attestation for personal documents. A notary attested document helps to avoid any kind of fraud, forgery and misrepresentation of documents.

How to Get Notary Attestation?

The notary attestation India can be obtained from authorized notaries in the respective states. The fees of notary attestation mainly depend on the number of documents that one want to attest. We help our customers to get their personal documents attested from the respective states. Our team also offers notary attestation services for visa stamping.

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