Chamber of Commerce Attestation

Certificate attestation of commercial documents is important for export/import and doing business overseas. It is mandatory to legalize commercial documents like certificate of origin, commercial invoice, power of attorney etc. if you are intending to do business abroad.

Chamber of Commerce Attestation

What is a Chamber of Commerce Attestation?

Chamber of Commerce Attestation means the process of attesting the commercial documents with the Chamber of Commerce stamp. It is required for getting a business visa. State Chamber of Commerce document attestation is the first stage of certificate attestation process in India for commercial documents. Each state has respective Chamber of Commerce for doing the commercial document attestation.

Why Chamber of Commerce Attestation is required?

The Chamber of Commerce attestation is required for various purposes. They are needed for

  • Business transaction overseas
  • Opening a new branch abroad
  • Starting a new business
  • Export and import

How to Get Chamber of Commerce Attestation

The chamber of commerce attestation can be done directly from the respective state Chamber of Commerce. As it is a time-consuming process, you can approach certificate attestation agencies for fast and hassle-free attestation services. We can help you to certify your commercial documents for completing your business visa requirements.

Fees for Chamber of Commerce Attestation

The cost of the chamber of commerce attestation depends on the number of pages and copies one wants to attest.

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