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 What is Attestation

Attestation is the act of witnessing a University Certificate by authorized person/persons/Departments/Authorities of the said University, Notary, GAD, HRD, MEA, Embassy or Consulate, Foreign Ministry, Indian Embassy or Indian Consulate etc.with their official seal and signature. This attestation on the certificates or copies of it confirms that a specified certificate had been issued by the said University and seal and signature on that particular certificate is genuine. Attestation is the evidence by which the said certificate is attested or an indication that makes it proof. Muble Solutions offers certificate attestation services for Uae, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman etc. The company with its branches all over India, including metros like Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad etc. Our branches in Gulf and Middle East countries is providing efficient and reliable service to its clients in certificate attestation services, visa stamping etc. The Head Office is situated in Cochin, Kerala.

Need Of Attestation

  • To get employment visa/labour card in Gulf

    Visa is the most important thing to have if you plan to work abroad. “The document having been seen" is a document issued by a country giving a certain individual permission to formally request entrance to the country during a given period of time and for certain purposes . Most countries require possession of a valid visa as a condition of entry for foreigners, though there exist exemption schemes .Visas are typically stamped or attached into the recipient's passport, or are sometimes issued as separate pieces of paper. Documents need to be attested for this purpose.

  • For higher education

    Education overseas requires genuine certificate proofs/attestation. This is mandatory for any student applying for education abroad. The university or the college will ask the student to prove the genuinity of the certificate being presented to them, for e.g.: For PG we need to present the degree certificates which need to be attested from their embassy also.

  • To write MOH and DOH exams by doctors

    All the health professionals who seek to work in UAE must appear for MOH examination and get qualified for work in UAE. Evaluation of the below categories is done in MOH Examination and separate exams conducted for the following professions.
      1.Physicians and Dentists
      2.Pharmacists and Assistants
      3.Nurses and Midwives
      5.Physicians,Practitioners & Technicians of the
         Complementary and Alternative

  • To obtain residence visa

    A Residence Visa is a permit for a non-citizen of a country to obtain residence facilities for special purposes.  It is issued to persons of non-citizen, nationality to whom it has been decided to extend residence facilities for the purpose of investment or otherwise, in circumstances where the prescribed authority is satisfied that their stay in that country and the pursuit of their vocations are not prejudicial to the best interests of the population. To obtain residence visa, person will have to attest his documents which may include passport, labour card etc.

  • For admission of children in school

    Children’s school admission may require attestation purposes in cases of transfer from a school to another etc. Proving genuinity has become an essential part of the certificate presentation to the authorities.

  • To get visa extension

    After a certain period of time the visa and passport may expire, or need to be renewed. This process requires certificate attestation that the person applying for visa extension has to present attested documents to the authorities. Genuine documents which are attested from home department, ministry of external affairs and embassy need to be presented to them.

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