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MUBLE SOLUTIONS is an outsourcing and technology service specialist for missions worldwide has grown to be a global leader in diverse spheres of commercial market. Muble Solutions is the pioneer of certificate attestation. We accept all types of documents from any part of the world. Our service is 100% genuine and quick that people can easily rely on us. Muble Solutions offer different types of certificate attestation services for educational, non educational, commercial documents. We have gained the trust of thousands of our customers who are regularly availing our services. Muble Solutions offers certificate attestation services for Uae, Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman etc.The company with its branches all over India, including metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai etc. Our branches in Gulf and Middle East countries is providing efficient and reliable service to its clients in certificate attestation services, visa stamping etc. The Head Office is situated in Cochin, Kerala.

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What is Attestation?

Attestation is the act of witnessing a Certificate by authorized person/persons/Departments/Authorities of a University, Notary, GAD, HRD, MEA, Embassy or Consulate, Foreign Ministry, Indian Embassy or Indian Consulate etc. with their official seal and signature. This is to prove the genuinity of certificates. We provide certificate attestation for India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, UAE etc

Need & Use of Attestation?

  • To obtain employment visa/ Labour card in Gulf
  • For Higher education
  • To write MOH and DOH Exam by Doctors, Nurses etc.
  • To obtain Residence Visa
  • For admission of children at school
  • For visa extension


left-quote Welcome to Muble Solutions the leader in attestation service specialist India. right-quote

Muble Solutions a global outsourcing and technology service MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), Government of India to collect documents for Appostle/Attestation. Muble Solutions will accept documents from individuals and representatives on behalf of MEA and facilitate the MEA Attestation/Apostille process by providing certificate attestation/Apostille service.
  • Educational
  • Non-Educational
  • Commercial

Educational document attestation includes HRD / GAD which is the first step in certificate attestation. This is the home department attestation. In Kerala, it is done from NORKA ROOTS. GAD Attestation is to verify the genuiness of any documents are correct. GAD is same as HRD Attestation.We can do the GAD Attestation from Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad) and Gujarat (Ahmadabad). Educational documents include SSLC, Higher secondary certificates, Degree certificates, Gov ITI certificates, etc. After HRD attestation, we have Ministry of Home Affairs/MEA, and then come Embassy.

Non educational documents include marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, etc which need to be attested from Notary/ Mantralaya, Mumbai. This is the first step of attestation. After that comes GAD, MEA, etc. We can assist you in doing all the procedures and tell about the certificates and documents to be presented to get the attestation done. Time limit may vary according to embassy, and other department delays. According to different embassies the attestation delay may be more or less. Urgent cases are also done by us within short span of time.

Commercial documents include Export Invoice, Packaging list, Power of Attorney, Certificate of Origin etc which need to be attested at times for business deals, land transaction etc.Firstly the Commercial Certificate, which to be attested from Embassy or Consulate present in India, will be attested from the Regional Attestation Department (RAC) of Bangalore, Karnataka and General Administrative Department (GAD) of Bangalore, Karnataka. Secondly the Commercial Certificate will be attested from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi. Finally the Commercial Certificate will be attested from Embassy or Consulate present in India.

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left-quote Welcome to Muble Solutions the leader in attestation service specialist India. right-quote

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